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Sawtelle is a Los Angeles heaven for Japanese business. We love exploring the markets, restaurants and nurseries that dot the street, offering us a glimpse of Japanese culture and cuisine.


Love Bake, just two months old, is the latest addition to the area now officially called Japantown.


The minuscule space in the Olympic Collection at the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic makes Okonomiyaki, a pancake or crepe filled with a variety of ingredients chose by customers.


They also have a breakfast set that includes their standout side dishes.


Love Bake’s original tangy salad of parmesan cheese, mayonnaise dressing, ham, cucumber and sprouts is delightful in its simplistic flavor profile that balances the ingredients.  This salad makes a great lunch served with their gluten free mini cheese bread/bagels.


The small round puffy rolls are gluten free, served warm and are a melty, cheesy amalgamation with a texture similar to mochi.


We explored Love Bake’s vegetable creations which are available in gluten free, spicy and an original version.


The instructions are simple.  First choose the form, folded into a crepe or flat like a pancake.  Then choose the fillings from a list posted on the wall.


We went with a spicy pancake incorporating cheese and garlic that packs a hot kick derived from a blend of Japanese spice powders.


We also sampled a pancake with a mix of tender asparagus and creamy avocado.  The okonomiyaki are served with side bowls of Kewpie mayonnaise, ketchup, honey or brown mustard and a sweet, thick sauce made especially for the dish. We liked a smear of the sweet brown sauce mixed with mayo and also found the honey mustard a delightful addition.  We prefer these veggie disks crispier to add another layer of texture and will request that next time we visit.


They also make their own light and refreshing yogurt serve alongside a rich honey and we drizzled to our hearts content. Love Bake gives us a taste of Japanese okonomiyaki on the westside while making us feel like we have been transported to Japan.


Love Bake, 11301 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 122, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone – 310-478-7778          web site – lovebakela.com

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