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We love little markets and marvel at how much they can squish into the smallest of spaces. One such wonder is India Spices & Groceries.


This tiny shop between La Cienega and Fairfax on Pico Boulevard, has an exotic produce section where burro bananas, squash, fresh herbs, coconut, eggplant and peppers are readily available.


They stock everything needed for Indian vegetarian cooking including a wide assortment of legumes.


Indian cuisine is distinct in its heavy handed use of both whole and ground spices and here they set aside lots of shelf space for these necessities.


Both raw and roasted nuts are fresh and well priced with cashews, pistachio, peanuts and almonds available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any recipe.


With the extended hot weather in India, preservation of fruits and vegetables is paramount and the pickle is an integral part of any Indian meal. In the market one can find pickles of carrot, mango chili, lime, garlic and stuffed red chili to start.


Oils from coconut to mustard, sesame and more all add a distinct flavor to dishes.


Ghee, a form of clarified butter and a classic ingredient of Indian cooking is offered in many brands. Through the boiling off of milk solids, butter can be preserved for longer periods, even when refrigeration is scarce or nonexistent.


Alongside the Indian ingredients, India Spices & Groceries also carries traditional Indian cooking, serving, prayer and decorative ware.


And lets not forget the beauty products that keep Indian women beautiful.

For an uncrowded, unhurried, one stop shop good for everything needed for the Indian vegetarian chef, India Spices & Groceries is an impressive little place to avoid the crowds, beat local prices and get in and out in a snap, which all come in very handy in our time crunched world.


India Spices & Groceries, 5994 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone – 323-931-4871

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