Vietnamese Market Opens In The San Gabriel Valley


Hoa Binh Vietnamese Supermarket, located in Garden Grove, opened a new branch in Rosemead late 2014, bringing a new voice to the Asian markets in the San Gabriel Valley.


Hard to find items such as sugarcane, fresh rambutan and mangosteen are conveniently available in season.


Soy bean products, from fresh soy milk to tofu, are on display near the back of the vegetable aisles.


We were extremely impressed with the fresh and live seafood department which currently carries live tilapia at $4.99 a pound and live catfish at $4.70 a pound.


Free deep fry service is available and includes cleaning, removal of head and tail, cutting into steaks, if desired, and frying, either regular or extra crispy.


Fresh seafood on ice shines with bright eyes and shimmery scales.


The seafood staff spends most of their time preparing fish for customers.


A pristine meat department is well organized and offers cuts at exceptionally reasonable prices.


Everything needed for Vietnamese cooking is on hand, from rice paper wrappers to utensils especially designed to make Asian cooking a snap.


We found lobster and crab crackers and picks, an item that is surprisingly missing from most markets.


A sale area at the far end of the store offers Vietnamese and other Asian imports at a significant discount, making Hoa Binh one of our new favorite markets.


Hoa Binh Super Market, 2750 North San Gabriel Boulevard, Rosemead, CA 91770

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