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Ramen is having its day all over Los Angeles and we feel obliged to try them all.  Last night we hit Slurpin’ Ramen Bar, in the hopes of cozying up on a chilly night with warm bowls of noodle soup.


The modern space is centrally located in Koreatown and there is a bit of Korean spin to the menu.


One of the Korean adaptations is the bulgogi egg roll, which is stuffed with thin seasoned slices of beef, fried, split in half and topped with nacho cheese sauce and jalapeño slices. We placed the order because it was such an unusual appetizer, and were pleasantly surprised to find the tender and flavorful meat a playful match to the liquid cheese and spicy pepper, reminiscent of an Asian cheeseburger.


We then moved on to the main attraction, with options including the original slurpin’ ramen, vegan ramen, dipping ramen (soup served in a separate bowl) and a chashu bowl (pork over rice) all available to us.


We went with the super spicy slurpin’ ramen and found the small bowl plenty big and the regular great for big appetites. The creamy, pork bone based broth has been slow simmered to garner all the richness this soup commands. The description, super spicy, is inaccurate and is instead a mild heat.


A big part of the ramen fun is the toppings and although they charge for every one, we had a blast checking them out and chose a few that we easily shared in two bowls of soup.


From the top 5 toppings list on the wall, we found the spicy umami oil gracefullly smoothed out the ramen and made it sing. This spicy mix also added a great kick to the bulgogi egg roll.  We basically love the spicy umami oil on everything.


The crunchy garlic and onion added a dilemma regarding how to consume it.  Should it be added to the soup where it would get soggy or consume it straight from its little saucer following each bite of soup to be savored at its crispy best?  Ultimately we did a bit of both.


The exceptionally well cooked noodles were an easy choice and two of us were able to shared the extra noodles easily from the substantial sized serving.


The soup includes a choice of chashu or super tender fatty pork which melts away on the tongue like a dream.

We find Slurpin’ Ramen Bar to be a respectable contender in the ramen landscape that is ever expanding in Los Angeles and beyond. We look forward to more warm bowls of noodle soup which seem to be growing at a delicious rate.


Slurpin’ Ramen Bar, 3500 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone – 213-388-8607

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