Kitchen Creativity Unleashes The Genius In Us All

We recently had the pleasure of sharing an afternoon in the test kitchen of Melissa’s Produce with Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. We were treated to a tsunami of ingenuity through an introduction to their new book Kitchen Creativity.

This latest publication follows a slew of inspirational books by the duo, including The Flavor Bible. Here they continue the culinary creativity conversation by taking things to new levels of insight.

Armed with these secrets, the chefs at Melissa’s Produce foraged what they had in the pantry to craft Grilled “Chicken-on-the-Side” Caesar Salad, a bean based “Meatless” Meatloaf and Chunky Gazpacho with Grilled Shrimp.  And you too can open your refrigerator and joyously manifest to your hearts content with the help of Kitchen Creativity.

The book is broken into three sections.  Stage 1 Mastery, where we learn not only how to taste and season, but also the history, famous dishes and pairings essential for kitchen proficiency.  Stage 2 Alchemy, is a beautifully illustrated showcase of flavor equations and dynamics that transform ingredients into extraordinary taste sensations. And finally Stage 3, the heftiest portion of the book, is where we can soar in play and inspiration while following our creative intuitions, allowing wisdom to flow from our own inner compass out onto the table.

Everything we have ever wanted to know about great food and how its prepared in the finest restaurants, by the most renowned chefs, is detailed for the benefit of all.

Thank you Karen and Andrew for always continuing to pull back the curtain and generously share what you have learned, not only from your own experiences, but also from the triumphs of the worlds most creative chefs.  Kitchen Creativity proves to be a valuable tool for anyone interested in exploring the magic that happens when passion, alchemy and a trained palate collide.








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