Katsu Sando’s Melt In Your Mouth Wagyu

Katsu Sando Pops Up on Sunday nights at Kura Japanese Restaurant located in the corner mall at Sunset and Crescent Heights. Katsu Sando translates to cutlet sandwich and that’s basically the entire menu, four Nama Panko crusted sandwiches and a couple of extras. But what extraordinary sandwiches they are.

Daniel Son, head chef at Kura fell hard for the Japanese convenience store snack in Tokyo and decided to craft his own elevated version. He has succeeded.

The A5 Wagyu-Katsu Sando is an expertly seared melt-in-your-mouth wonder that reminds us so much of the highest quality sushi, that we were officially awed. The marbling ratio of fat to tender meat in Japanese Wagyu beef is the secret, and the direct result of the immense care taken in the raising of the cattle.

In addition to the pricy but worth it Wagyu Beef-Katsu Sandwich, we strongly recommend the Mushroom Katsu Sando. It’s the perfect thickness for an unforgettable bite past the super soft House Made Honey Milk Bread slathered with Sando sauce, into a layer of Shiro-Wafu Frisee, through to the fried to perfection crunch of panko crust and deep into the meaty fungi. It’s a truly scrumptious journey.

Pork and Chicken are also in the line up and if you pull back the wrapping paper you are rewarded with a glimpse of the Pop Up’s name branded into the bread.  Very cool.

And don’t forget to indulge in the hot sauce found on every table. It adds a hit of heat that you may or may not feel inclined to incorporate. It definitely enhanced the pork, but we were resistant to even attempt it atop the flawless Wagyu or Mushroom Sandwiches.

For a taste of the real deal, elevated Wagyu beef and other varieties of Katsu Sando, you have to visit Kura on Sunday evenings (the rest of the time it’s their regular delightful Japanese menu) and let the flavors transport you straight to Tokyo.

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