Jet Tila Kills It With 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die

We have definitely been to our share of cookbook releases and have to say, as far as creative, fun, talented chefs and teachers go, Jet Tila shines brightly at the top of our favorites list. His straight forward, easy going, down to earth generosity is not only engaging, it’s infectious. Jet makes us want to be not only better cooks, but better people. Needless to say, the time flew by as he demoed some dishes from his newly released, first book, 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die.

Jet is a passionate artisan lit up by studying and cooking the authentic classics that have profoundly defined Asian cuisine. 101 Asian Dishes simplifies the culmination of his deep exploration into the origins of these gems and the spark that makes each cuisine so deliciously seductive to people all over the planet.

Vibrant photography and one page recipes are all Tila needs to explain Kung Pao Shrimp, Szechuan-style green beans or Mongolian beef. And that is the spot on amount of instruction we need to feel “in control” of a new recipe.

He also goes off on some creative tangents in surprises such as Cinnamon and Five-Spice Easy Donuts, where he again simplifies while crafting a mouthwatering dessert. Yet another win win for our hunger to learn and grow in the kitchen.

Already a fan of Jet Tila?  Interested in exploring the best of Asian cuisine from an innovative master? 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die is the consummate guide for your culinary arsenal.

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2 thoughts on “Jet Tila Kills It With 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die”

    1. Jet is so inspiring. I feel lucky to have attended this event where he showcased his vast talents for teaching, cooking and celebrating the deliciousness of life.

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