Imports, Selection And Live Seafood Abound In Asian Markets


Asian Markets are a joy to shop. We find so many exciting items that pique our curiosity and encourage us to dive right in. Shun Fat Market in Monterey Park is a prime example of what we love best about foreign supermarkets.


First and foremost the seafood section has a fantastic selection of live, fresh and frozen fish.


Clean tanks display live fish and shellfish, including oysters and clams.


Prices are very reasonable on a wide variety of seafood.


We love the expansion of unusual offerings, including frozen durian, the king of fruit.


A butchers counter offers meat at minuscule prices.


While coffee and tea lovers have long aisles full of options, sometimes with coffee, milk and tea all in the same package.


And what is a great coffee or tea break without an extensive selection of exotic cookies to serve alongside.


We can always find our birds nest drink, a health supplement according to ancient Chinese medicine.


And tons of noodles,


to complete any cuisine or recipe.


The produce section offers choices we simply cannot find in traditional markets, including cases of sweet young coconut at $9.99 for a case of 9.


Rice bagged for serious consumption is the standard.


Small shops offering jewelry, sweets, snacks, clothes, sunglasses and household goods make a final attempt to fulfill customers needs as they make their way to the parking lot.


We appreciate Asian markets for carrying everything we need and want. They also extend what is accessible to us to include imported Asian goods that expand our palate, kitchen ware and view of our small planet in exciting and interactive ways.

Shun Fat Supermarket, 421 North Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park, CA 91754
Phone – 626-308-3998          web site –


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