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  1. Hello Lisa,
    This is Elisabeth from the Tuesday class. I just checked your blog out and I’m thrilled. Please keep posting and sharing your treasures. I love that you include cultural stuff as well I’ll be happy to share my own finds if you’re intrested. Congratulations, long life to the blog and happy eating,

    1. Thank you Elisabeth. I would love to speak with you about what you have found and what has made a difference in your life. All of these cultural gifts have enhanced my life in such profound ways and it is a joy to share my experiences. See you in class

  2. Hello Lisa,

    You are amazing!!! I love to read about all your great finds and I wish I still live in Southern California, so I can go with you!

    Keep descovering….

  3. AYUBOWAN Lisa,

    “Ayubowan” is the word used in Sri Lanka to greet someone. It means Long Life. One is Generally greeted by joining two hands in prayer-like manner and saying “Ayubowan”. This phrase can be used any time of the day.

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful article you had done on Apey Kade. We are humbled and truly honored and, it is such a wonderful feeling to know that our hard work is appreciated.
    Thanking you once and hoping to see you soon!
    Team Apey Kade

  4. Found your site and it’s wonderful.

    I am working on a piece right now and wanted to ask about possibly getting permission to use one of your photos in the article.

    You can reach me at nhasler at

  5. Love your blog, Lisa. The information and photos are so thorough. We love Korean Soon restaurants and go to BCD Tofu House in Reseda. They have several restaurants around town. You might like to check it out.

    1. Thank you Carolyn. I have been blogging daily since April 1 and still have so many hidden, affordable, Mom and Pop shops to talk about. Korean food is high on my list of explorations and we will definitely be delving into tofu houses which are so warm and comforting, especially in this cold weather. I wrote up Seoul House Of Tofu on Sawtelle which is one of our favorites, here is the link if you would like to read about it. Thanks again for checking in.

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