Frozen Yogurt Stands Its Ground For 20 Years


For twenty years we’ve been visiting the little yogurt shop in the mini mall on the south-east corner of Westwood and Olympic Boulevards and we’ve never been disappointed.  The line most nights snakes out the door, but things move fast and a light jovial atmosphere prevails.


Frozen yogurt comes in and out of fashion, but with UCLA just a short distance up the road, The Bigg Chill appears to have a steady clientele in search of a healthier sweet.


The creamy, soft serve, frozen yogurt comes in fat free, dairy free, wow cow and carbolite, to satisfy every dietary and calorie restrictive diet. Flavors change daily with some standards that are always on the menu like Chill Berry (a sweet, tart yogurt), vanilla classic, Ghirardelli chocolate and peanut butter.


They also offer shakes, pies, ice blended mochas and a small selection of low fat, low carb, and low calorie baked goods and snacks.  But everyone is eating the frozen yogurt and that’s what we order also.


Pretty cones dipped in chocolate and sprinkles are displayed, but we’ve never seen anyone eat one.  Most embrace the healthy spirit of the place and order their yogurt in a cup.


Of course there’s no sense going overboard with the health and wellness philosophies and some toppings are on the slightly sinful side.  It’s up to guests to decide how healthy or not they want to take things.


Being purists we like to dive into the unadorned frozen yogurt.  Last nights choice was a mocha fudge custard that didn’t need anything except a spoon to make the smooth, mildly sweet, coffee rich cupful a great end to a long day.  All the custard flavors have an extra creamy texture and intensity that we like.  We also took home a quart of the chill berry (also known as sweet tart) because it goes with absolutely everything and we love knowing we have a stash in our freezer for emergencies when something sweet and satisfying is desperately needed.


Consistency in product quality and service for 20 years explains why the Bigg Chill still pulls long lines of happy students and neighbors in search of a dessert that tastes more decadent than it actually is.  It works for us every time.


Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt, 10850 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone – 310-475-1070          web site –






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