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Since 1980, Kien Giang Bakery has been putting out some of the cities most diverse and scrumptious baked goods. A Vietnamese/Chinese bakery, they specialize in moon cakes, banh mi sandwiches (on straight from the oven baguettes), birthday and wedding cakes, freshly baked breads, Lunar New Year’s cakes and pastries.


A sculptural bonsaï welcomes at the front door, a visual predilection of the attention to detail and quality inside the bakery.


The Mid Autumn or Moon Cake Festival fell on September 27 this year, but we can still pick up the thap cam moon cake and keep celebrating all the amazing moon phases we have seen in 2015.


The best selling mixed nut mooncakes are filled with cashews, almond, pumpkin seed, sesame seed and candied winter melon. The sweetness from the candied fruit is a perfect juxtaposition to the savory nut and seed meats. And the delicate, glaze topped crust is thin enough to hold the mini cakes in two perfect bites while allowing the filling to be the star of the show.


The larger moon cakes encase an egg representing the moon, but we find the minis sans egg to be an inspired sweet.


The walnut butter cookies are crisp, churned-cream laden sweet biscuits dotted with walnut pieces that rival every French butter cookie we’ve tried.


Ken Giang Bakery embraces the best baked goods from many cultures cuisines including Chinese almond cookies and butterflies, Latin tres leches cakes, French croissants and baguettes, in an homage to the multi-cultured nature of Los Angeles herself.


The sign in the driveway is from the 1980’s and reflects a time when people actually ordered cakes upon arrival and waited around for them to be baked.  Somehow we ran out of that type of leisure time and now, we are informed, everyone orders cakes way ahead of pickup. For stellar baked goods and sandwiches, a trip to Kien Giang Bakery is a treat no matter how you choose to indulge.


Kien Giang Bakery, 1471 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone – 213-250-0159          web site – kgbakery.com

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