Delightfully Refreshing Vietnamese Sausage Spring Rolls


Westminster is home to Little Saigon, a community of Vietnamese businesses and restaurants that bring the flavors, products and services of the South East Asian country to Southern California.


Establishments often specialize in a particular dish and that is certainly true of Dat Thanh whose claim to fame is their nem nuong cuon thu duc.


These Vietnamese pork sausage spring rolls are an exciting departure from Chinese egg rolls because they take grilled sausage, fresh cucumber and greens and instead of frying them, wrap the ingredients in a soft yet sturdy rice paper wrapper.


The warm sausage and cool vegetable packages are then dipped in a sweet peanut sauce or nuoc cham a sweet,spicy and savory dipping sauce commonly served with Vietnamese cuisine. The resulting flavors, temperatures and textures creates a blast of excitement in the mouth.


Dat Thanh also serves broken rice dishes, which originally were the result of broken rice grains not suitable for sale being used by farmers at home instead of wasting and throwing them away.  Almost always served with juicy grilled meats, these rough edged rice pieces add an exciting texture to the dishes. When Jonesing for down home Vietnamese food we head out to Little Saigon for more variety and options than we could ever eat our way through and we love that about the neighborhood.

Dat Thanh, 10032 Mcfadden Avenue, Westminster, CA 92683                            Phone – 714-650-0910      web site –…

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