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We have been fans of Alejo’s Presto Italian Restaurant for as long as we can remember. Frequent visitors to their Lincoln and Washington location, now closed, we are happy to find they are still cranking out old school Italian at their Westchester branch.


The first time we visited we were blown away by the minced garlic in olive oil served alongside freshly baked bread.


We add parmesan and crushed red  pepper to the garlic dip and would eat the entire bread basket if not for the knowledge that comforting Italian food is on the way.


Reasonable prices and large portions are still the standard.


The chopped Italian salad is a classic mix of chopped greens, garbanzo beans, mozzarella cheese, salami and tomato all tossed in a tangy house dressing.


Main courses are large and orders come with a side of spaghetti pomodoro.


We chose the chicken marsala which pairs pounded chicken with marsala wine, fresh garlic and mushrooms for a satisfying warm kiss of sweet and savory flavors.


There was no problem with our request to switch out the spaghetti pomodoro for an order of green fettuccine with an exceptionally well balanced pesto sauce.  Pine nuts dotted the delicious, large bowl of vibrant green pasta and we licked the bowl clean.


They also offer smaller orders at lower prices for less ambitious appetites that save customers money.


We added a side order of sweet Italian, fennel flecked sausage, which was a perfect meaty counterpoint to the basil and parmesan rich pasta dish.


For a taste of an old time Los Angeles Italian restaurant, Alejo’s in Westchester offers scrumptious food and large portions at reasonable prices, which keep locals visiting this neighborhood standard and make trips to LAX a whole lot tastier.


Alejo’s Presto Italian Restaurant, 8343 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Phone – 310-670-6677           web site –



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