Healthy Fast Food Wins Us Over Everytime


We have become completely aligned with the new fast food model, embracing the ease, abundant variety, freshness and speed through which our meal is assembled. PokiNometry falls squarely into this genre, with a thin sliver of a space at Hollywood and Highland that we saunter through before receiving our self-designed poke bowl.


The third floor of the entertainment center houses the outdoor food court called The Deck, and those tables or booths provide customers of PokiNometry a space to chow down. Bad weather means we have to pack food to go, fortunately LA has mostly sunny, mild days.


The protocol is simple. First chose your bowl size and your base. We opted for a large bowl with half and half, brown rice and deep greens.


Then come the add ons which are unlimited and included in the price, except for the faux crab meat and avocado which after the first scoop are $1.50 for each additional helping.


We found the scoops included to be just the right amount, but we can’t slight anyone for wanting more avocado.


Next we chose our fish. The large bowl incorporates 5 scoops of any combination of seafood desired.


After asking about the freshest available that day, we opted for tuna, albacore, yellow tail and two scoops of mashed tuna. The cooked shrimp adds a different consistency so we kept the bowl strictly raw to retain a uniformity of texture.


At Station 4 we got to choose our sauces and since we like it hot we let them know.


Sauces can be added directly to the bowl or served in to go cups for those wanting to add as they consume. We requested the spicy, original Nometry sauce and a couple of cups of spicy mayo and miso just in case.


The last decisions to be made are about the toppings, again unlimited. We went heavy on the green onion and ginger plus requested extra cups of pickled ginger because we adore the flavor.


Our alluring bowl was delivered to us exactly how we like it, quickly, efficiently and by a staff that couldn’t have been nicer.


Drinks and miso soup are also on the menu for an additional charge.


We found the bowls to be vibrant and enjoyable, with the large containing too much for one lunch, and they happily packed up the left overs to go. Validation at the visitor center kept parking at $2.00 for two hours, giving us a chance to browse a bit after lunch. When in Hollywood looking for a quick, easy and healthy meal, PokiNometry fits the bill swimmingly.

6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 316, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone – 323-645-7730           web site –

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Inexpensive Sushi Stop


As sushi fans we are always looking for good sushi at affordable prices. We have been long time customers of Sushi Stop from back in the day when they had only one tiny outlet on Sawtelle.


They now have six, four of them on Sawtelle, one in Hollywood and another in Pasadena. We attribute their success to quality seafood and a $2.95 price point for most rolls.


A rich miso soup, at $1.60 a bowl, does not skimp on the miso. It’s a soothing, warm, velvety, healthy broth dotted with scallions, seaweed and a few tofu squares.


While the crunchy seaweed salad pops with the delightful essence of the ocean.


Besides the menu, there are specials listed on the wall with slightly higher prices.


A pen and order form list the offerings and we simply place check marks or the number of orders we want next to chosen dishes.


The seared peppered tuna is super fresh and meaty, seared at the very edge only.  We roll them up, capturing the onion and sesame seeds, then consume the little ponzu marinated packages.


Specialty rolls also come in at $2.95 per plate and we definitely have our favorites.


The dynamite roll conceals a California roll under baby scallops in a rich sauce  quickly broiled and presented still bubbling. The hot, creamy topping is a memorable contrast to the cool inside out crab and avocado roll underneath.


A shrimp tempura roll pairs crisp, batter encased shrimp with cucumber and avocado, then drizzles everything in sweet eel sauce.


Under the appetizer section are spicy albacore tartare, fried wonton skins with spicy tuna, avocado, onion slivers, sesame seeds and a serious splattering of spicy Sriracha mayo for one crunchy, smooth, spicy bite.


The Las Vegas roll is artistically playful, with eel and cucumber beneath spicy tuna and architecturally stunning fried lotus root wheels, smeared with eel sauce.  Another attractive and flavor packed combination.


Desserts also fall under the $2.95 price point making them a no brainer.


Being near UCLA, there is usually a wait at peak meal times, but we were seated immediately at 5 PM on Saturday night. Be aware that it is a cash only establishment, but with these prices the bill is usually manageable, plus there is an ATM on the premises. For affordable sushi in a lively environment, Sushi Stop is a great choice that we frequent when the mood strikes.


SushiStop, 2222 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone – 310-479-1222           web site –


SushiStop, 2053 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone – 310-473-3999


SushiStop Izakaya, 2218 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone – 310-479-1001


New Japan by SushiStop, 11283 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone – 310-477-0557


SushiStop, 5917 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone – 323-468-2496


SushiStop, 58 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone – 626-405-1518

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Fresh Seafood With Mexican Heart And Soul


We love fish and will travel far and wide to find unique flavors and preparations of the treasures from the ocean.  Bill Esparza, Street Gourmet LA, introduced us to Mariscos Chente ages ago and we had to go back to see if the fish is still as great as it was back in the day. We are happy to report that it is.


A basic dining room with karaoke on weekends keeps customers satisfied on all levels.


They start guests off with an inflaming jalapeño salsa. Fresh chips and this green salsa start the taste buds revving as we check out the menu.


My dinning companions were unable to take the heat and requested a mild salsa. The kitchen graciously complied with a salsa cruda of freshly chopped onion, tomato and cilantro doused with a bit of citrus tang that was exceptionally refreshing with no heat, but tons of flavor.


The menu is populated with super spicy dishes, so if heat is your thing, Mariscos Chente is a Mecca for your fix.  Dinning with those who can’t take the heat, we were still able to enjoy what the kitchen puts out, we just needed the assistance of the waitstaff to point us in a mild direction, which they were happy to do.


They started us off with garlic shrimp, a pile of head-on, well cooked shrimp that are bathed in a garlic-heavy, tangy, red sauce.  A big helping of rice and cucumber slices adorn the plate and go well with the pungent garlic essence.


Filete a la plancha is a pan fried white fish which is exceptionally light and delicate and pairs well with the grilled onion and bell peppers alongside. A large round of rice makes this dish a full meal and three of us sharing the fish and shrimp still had leftovers to take home.


Mariscos Chente is easy to miss, but try not to as they offer delightfully fresh seafood and have the knowledge and skill to prepare all the variations exceptionally well.  Fish brought over from Mexico, large portions, fresh salsas, beer and wine all make Mariscos Chente a great place to stop for a little brain food and a delicious dinner.


Mariscos Chente, 4532 South Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone – 310-390-9241







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We Love Fresh Fish


We love fresh fish and that is exactly what we find at Fisherman’s Outlet. Established in 1961, this fish market/kitchen puts out some of the best fish we’ve had in Los Angeles.


Our temperate climate is the perfect setting for the outdoor seating, allowing us to enjoy our seafood in an urban picnic atmosphere.


The menu offers fresh or fresh frozen fish and we love every delectable plate we’ve had here.


We usually opt for the sea bass but today they strongly recommended the fresh halibut and when the gentleman behind the counter makes a suggestion we take it seriously.  The light and flaky white fleshed fillet smacked of the smokey grill and the freshest of the ocean’s bounty.  We chose to have ours atop a dark mixed greens salad and accompanied by their mango salsa which adds a fruity jolt of tangy sweetness to the mild fish.


On almost every table we inevitably see the fried fish and shrimp plates which are laden with french fries, and sides of lime wedges, cole slaw and tarter sauce.  This is most certainly the house speciality and when we are feeling decadent is our go to.


Fishermans Outlet is a two sided operation.  One side houses the grill where they charbroil and fry, while on the other side, the fish market offers cold seafood in a variety of forms to take home or enjoy on the patio.


The menu at the market includes salads and seafood cocktails along with fresh fish ready to cook.


Today we were seduced by the shrimp and crab meat salad served on a bed of dark leafy greens.  Our salad overflowed with a cup and a half each of plump sweet shrimp and real crab meat.  Quite a feast for $10.50.


Fisherman’s Outlet has limited hours so be aware that it’s a lunch spot if you choose to eat at the outdoor tables.  The restaurant is open Monday through Sunday from 10 AM to 3:30 PM and the seafood market/salad counter is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 3:30 PM.


If you happen to be downtown and craving fresh seafood, Fisherman’s Outlet would be our first recommendation for the experience of an institution that has been pleasing locals and visitors for 50+ years.

Fisherman’s Outlet, 529 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone – 213-627-7231    web site –








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