We’re Addicted to Poki


The poki/poke craze has hit hard and we think the more fresh sashimi bowls the better.


This miraculous dish of sushi rice, raw fish chunks, vegetables and seasoning sauces are a hybrid of Hawaiian, Japanese and American influences that meld into one delicious and filling meal.


There are four steps at Pokiholic. First decide how many scoops of fish are needed, chose a base from rice to salad to nachos or any combination that pleases. Step two involves choosing the seafood from eleven raw and cooked offerings. Step three is spice level from hot to not. And the final step four entails a yea or nay to a wide array of toppings and sides added to your bowl at no extra charge.


The assembly line of ingredients are all refrigerated and the process moves faster than one would guess for such a detailed endeavor.


Yes, we would like a sushi rice and lettuce mix, with 5 scoops of fish. Spicy tuna (two scoops), yellowtail, ahi and seared garlic albacore please. Spicy! Avocado, cilantro, white onion, cucumber, jalapeño, green onion, seaweed salad, sesame seeds, spicy mayo, wasabi and ginger, thank you.


The ingredients are cold from the refrigerated case and shine with super freshness. Tossing the “salad” creates a creamy, spicy, chunky, ocean kissed, textural extravaganza that was big enough to serve two. Hot Sriracha found on the table can be added if it’s still not picante enough.


For high quality poke/poki bowls made with super fresh sashimi and a huge array of free add ons, all crafted to customers preferences, we strongly recommend a visit to Pokiholic to get your raw fish fix.


Pokiholic, 2201 South Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park, CA 91754
Phone – 323-268-5988

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A Little Hawaiian In Culver City


We feel lucky to have a bit of the Hawaiian Islands right here in Culver City.  Rutt’s Cafe, in business since 1976, serves up tasty Hawaiian plates, bowls, breakfasts and desserts.


Diners are offered a choice of ambiance and atmospheres, from the quaint dining room to an outdoor patio, plus a few tables out front.


As for the food, we love the breakfast burritos and have a passion for the Portuguese sausage burrito in particular.  The slightly spicy, firm links play well with the egg, cheese and homestyle potatoes.  Breakfast burritos start at $3.96 and hit a high mark at $6.95.


All dishes and especially the breakfasts are enhanced by the in-house, freshly chopped salsa that sits on every table.  The kick of jalapeño adds a nice snap to the fresh veggie base.  If you like a little spice in your life, this chunky salsa will brighten your day.


The fried saimin is a noodle stir fry, heaped with meat of your choice.   We chose the char sui, Chinese BBQ pork, and were impressed with the crisp, sweet bell pepper, browned onion, chewy noodles and red edged pork slices. Sriracha shot it up a notch and we also had fun topping it with salsa.


Reasonable prices abound and the plates overflow, so your dollar goes far here for food that is unique, freshly prepared and mouthwatering. The BBQ Chicken and the Korean ribs on the plate lunch are exciting and the Hawaiian bread french toast is an exceptionally sweet indulgence.


Plate lunches as well as other dishes come in various sizes based on your appetite and we greatly appreciate that the prices shift accordingly.  We have friends with big appetites, but personally prefer to graze and hate having to commit to one huge dish.  At Rutt’s we have lots of options and ways to enjoy small tastes.


We always end our meals here with the haupiaan off-menu, thick and creamy Hawaiian coconut pudding topped with toasted, shredded coconut and served in single portion cups that will set you back $1.45 each. Honestly, after a satisfying plate of Hawaiian food we’re always happy to share the pudding and take a few servings home for later.


For a taste of the Islands multicultural diversity, Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe delivers the goods locally and we are thrilled to share in the abundance and ingenious pricing formula.


Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe, 12114 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066        Phone – 310-398-6326         web site – ruttscafe.com

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