Savoring Ethiopia’s Spice Heavy Cuisine


Outside of Little Ethiopia lie a number of noteworthy Restaurants and today we had the pleasure of dining at Palm Grove Ethiopian Restaurant.


The quaint establishment boasts a little shopping area where they sell lentils, spices and a selection of products from Africa.


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and they’ve got the beans here.  The strong coffee is heavily roasted and a serious jolt of caffeine.


Sparkling water from the African nation is also available.


The menu is vegetarian heavy which suits us just fine.  We don’t feel any lack when we order the vegetarian plates.


The vegetarian special is a rich and satisfying combination of spiced red lentils, split peas cooked in turmeric that remind us of Texas chili, collard greens stewed with garlic and jalapeño, shiro also known as herbed legumes, azifa or lentil salad, buticha which is a chickpea spread, green salad with a tangy vinaigrette and a spiced tofu based dip.


The vegetarian plater easily feeds two and with the addition of one other entree, will feed three or four.  An excellent value at around $25.00.


The “plate” and “utensil” for this cuisine is the injera bread.  A soft. spongy, sour dough tasting flat bread that is a delightful vehicle for the heavily spiced dishes.


The waitstaff will ask how hot you like your food and when you ask for spicy that is what they deliver, so answer according to your tolerance for chili heat.


An Ethiopian tea is served in a fat tea pot containing a brew of cinnamon, cardamom, and clove infused hot water.  A tea bag and sugar are available to add to the tea or you can do like we do and drink it straight.


Palm Grove brings the remarkable flavors of Ethiopia with a straightforward menu that is easy to navigate.  We recommend the vegetarian special and if you need more you have a choice of beef, chicken or fish, all wonderful additions to the shared feast.


Palm Grove Ethiopian Restaurant, 1905 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90018      Phone – 323-730-0994

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Ethiopian Perfection


Little Ethiopia inhabits the block of Fairfax just south of Olympic Blvd. We have explored all the restaurants and tiny markets, enjoying many tasty meals, but our hearts and tastebuds keep calling us back to Awash just a short drive west on Pico Blvd.


The location and atmosphere are convenient and basic with consistent high quality, exotically spiced and exceptionally well prepared food that leaves us saying, “This is great food,” every time we dine here.


We always begin with the Ethiopian tea and its secret brew of spices served alongside a bag of Lipton tea. You can choose to add the tea bag or drink the spiced tea straight, either way you get a solid, warm taste of this African nations bounty.


For those not familiar with Ethiopian food, it is eaten with the hands or rather with the bread, which looked to us like a giant handy wipe the first time we saw it.  But the large, round pancake-shaped injera is actually the eating tool and the edible plate. Its spongy texture and mild sourdough essesence play well against the flavorful dishes. We became addicted on our third visit and now crave this teff based staple of Ethiopian cuisine. The injera served here is a mix of teff and flour but the full gluten free teff version is now provided in many Ethiopian restaurants for an additional fee.


The meal is served communal style on a large round of injera. The vegetarian plate includes a tangy green salad spiked with jalapeño slices, garlic kissed spinach, potato and carrot melange, yellow and red lentil stews as well as a red pepper based puree and a cool mint green horseradish dish that always takes our breath away it’s so unique and satisfying.


The stews, meats, vegetables and salad are all scooped up with small pieces ripped from the fermented injera and the entire package is popped into the mouth, a delicious and ingenious system that keeps the fingers clean and the palate stimulated.


We are bowled over by everything on the menu and last time fell in love with the grilled chicken served with rice and salad which captures the smoky flavors of the grill along with exotic Ethiopian spices pulling everything together in four juicy, plump butterflied chicken legs.


For those who love Ethiopian food or anyone up for a heathy and mouth watering cuisine, Awash is just the ticket.

Awash Restaurant, 5990 1/2 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035                       Phone number – 323-939-3233

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