“Dish” Of The Day

Goal: 365 consecutive days uncovering “hidden in plain sight” cultural and culinary treasures.

Why: To celebrate diversity, explore our world, embrace cultures, savor cuisines and learn life altering “secrets”.


I will experience and share an “under the radar” dazzling ethnic dish, event, class, market, bakery, shop, spa, beauty treatment, performance, etc. and report once a day for 365 consecutive days.

The “dish” should be an exceptional value.   The idea is to reveal hidden abundant and affordable diverse deliciousness available wherever one may find themselves.


My lifelong passions revolve around travel, exploration, hospitality, research, connecting with people, food, culture, distinctive lifestyles and philosophies. My earliest memories are of outings and exposure to new cultures and cuisines at exotic often kitsch establishments.

I hold a BA in Anthropology from UC Irvine and have lived, studied and immersed myself in cultural anthropology around the globe.

I have traveled to over 50 countries with a focus on developing nations. I have been continually embraced, enlightened and supported by locals and fellow travelers alike.

I am a native of Los Angeles who has been digging deep into local ethnic enclaves for a lifetime.

The adventure begins April 1, 2015.  Looking forward to sharing the abundance.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Lisa, Your Mom and dad shared your business card with me and I am thoroughly enjoying your beautiful blog. I look forward to trying out the restaurants you so temptingly display. Good luck with the blog.

  2. I’m so glad I got to visit your site! Thank you for your card. Your pictures are so enticing and very informative. I love it. Keep it up my dear. This will be an exciting year for sure!

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