Lisa Deutsch is a culture and cuisine consultant and writer based in Los Angeles. Her focus is firmly set on assisting businesses and travelers achieve profound results from their transactions, negotiations, travels and interactions with foreign people and places.

A life long passion for exotic cultures has driven explorations to 54 countries thus far. This fascination has been fortified by degrees in cultural anthropology, her junior year abroad in Madrid, Spain, a Doctorate in Law, comparative civil litigation studies in London and Oxford and on going research in communication, negotiation, foreign lifestyles, etiquette, culture, cuisine and travel to some of the most exotic locations on the planet.

Lisa is continually transformed by the generous spirit, hospitality and ease of communication her open heart and mind attract when she works. She is fascinated by each cultures unique way of expressing itself, and teaches how these valuable insights we align with can be incorporated to powerfully forward our goals and visions. This abundant world tool box when explored, expands our creativity, appreciation and opportunities to be successful in the world.

Following her internal compass, Lisa finds herself in the unique position of facilitating productive, mutually beneficial interactions and transactions between people and businesses. With expertise in locations as diverse as Turkey, South East Asia, India and the Middle East, she thrives on improving her clients ability to profoundly listen, understand, celebrate and embrace the foreign with joy. Her ultimate goals include advancing unity, support, mutual respect and flourishing collaborations.




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  1. Hi Lisa, Your Mom and dad shared your business card with me and I am thoroughly enjoying your beautiful blog. I look forward to trying out the restaurants you so temptingly display. Good luck with the blog.

  2. I’m so glad I got to visit your site! Thank you for your card. Your pictures are so enticing and very informative. I love it. Keep it up my dear. This will be an exciting year for sure!

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