A Local Indian Adventure


One of the larger shops in the independently owned India Sweets & Spices chain is located in Northridge. Serving the local community, they offer a wide selection of goods for those interested in cooking, eating and living India culture and cuisine.


A small produce section offers the basics at the front door, while aisles carry prepackaged mixes to facilitate the easy cooking of traditional snacks, dishes and sweets.


At the back of the store, a hot food counter and small seating area supply Indian street food, mixed plates, chai and yogurt drinks for just a few dollars.


The hot trays showcase what’s available on each particular day. A completely vegetarian menu highlights the talents of Indian chefs who have mastered the art of produce and legume specialties.


A side case displays chaat and snacks that are commonly seen as Indian street and fast food.


At the front near the register we encountered freshly made sweets. We had a hard time choosing from the colorful milk based desserts.  All are exceptional rich and a few bites satisfies our sweet tooth completely.


A fried snacks case displays spicy, salty crunchy delights that are eaten throughout the day.


We are fascinated by the beauty product aisles that hold the secrets to beautiful hair and skin.


After browsing the store for a bit, we chose a selection of sweets that we will be savoring through the holidays.


For an exciting look into India’s delicious locally made and imported treasures, India’s Sweets & Spices is a exotic adventure not to be missed.

India Sweets & Spices, 18110 Parthenia Street, Northridge, CA 91325
Phone number – 818-407-1498

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