80 Years of Fresh Nuts, Seeds, Candy, Jerky & Dried Fruit

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An adorable red building that houses A & Z Nut Wagon in Boyle Heights, feels like a stroll down memory lane.  Open the doors to find a shop that looks like it hasn’t changed in 80 years and thats just the way we like it.

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Shelf labels list the nuts they sell from plain roasted fresh, crunchy nutrient dense gems to spiced chili and lime, butter toffee, cayenne, honey roasted, salted, unsalted, smoked or raw.

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A sweets box of cajeta, sweetened caramelized milk or jamoncillo, a milk fudge,  tempts.


In addition to nuts, sweets and beef jerky (which they are famous for), dried fruit is available including banana chips, chili mango, apricots, figs, papaya and pineapple.


Other snack foods such as the addicting spicy sesame sticks, peanut brittle, jelly beans, Boston beans, chocolate raisins and cashew or coconut brittle can be found.


Prices are a deal for nuts that set us back over $15.00 a pound at Trader Joes and we appreciate the savings wherever we can find them.


The dried fruit here also saves us money and comes in packages of convenient sizes so we can pick and choose whatever amount is best for us.


We can attest to the freshness, great flavor and savings found on goods sold at A & Z Nut Wagon and recommend the adventure of stepping back into the 1930’s for a taste of salty crunch and a trip down memory lane.


A & Z Nut Wagon, 816 South Lorena Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023
Phone – 323-267-1695

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